Gear drawer slides hidden slide, Drawer slide rail types, slide, belong to the high-end gear structure so that the slide is very smooth and synchronization, such slides with buffer off or pressrebound open, used for high-grade furniture, modern furniture, because the price is more expensive relatively rare, so the popularity of less than ball bearing slides, such rail is the future trend.
Roller drawer slides: such slide a long time, the first generation of mute drawer slides in a new generation of furniture has been slowly replaced by the ball bearing slides. Roller slide the structure is relatively simple, two-track by a pulley, sliding need to be able to deal with the day-to-day, but poor loading capacity and do not have the buffer and rebound, commonly used with the computer keyboard drawers, light drawers.
Ball bearing drawer slides: ball bearing slides are basically two, three metal rails, the more common structure is mounted on the side of the drawer, the installation is relatively simple and space-saving. Good quality ball bearing slides to ensure smooth sliding, loading capacity, such rails buffer off or press on the rebound open.