As the saying goes: State laws and family rules, the hardware industry will have line regulation. Hardware industry, commerce (associations) will play an increasingly significant role in strengthening industry self-regulation has been formally introduced, which will be implemented pump valve industry standards, the faucet industry standards also attaches great importance to the research and development of energy-saving products, industrial and commercial The United Hardware Chamber of Commerce is also accelerating the development of industry self-regulation norms pace, the industry self-regulatory code of one of the core is to guide and promote the hardware industry to save the direction of development. From the current state of the industry and the needs of future development, hardware, electronics, mold and other related industries, the industrial clusters of the 11th Five-Year Plan and scientific location, industry suppliers (HS) will build a conservation-oriented society on industry self-regulation, conservation-oriented hardware industry era drifted asymptotically.
According to statistics, China's hardware industry import and export volume reached 74.923 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 30.1%. Exports amounted to 57.51 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 31.4%; imports amounted to 17.412 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 26%. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui, will lead the industry to adjust its strategy to speed up transformation and structural adjustment, mainly by exports into both domestic and foreign trade, both domestic and foreign markets, "walking on two legs, continued to develop the domestic market. Such a positive role in promoting the effectiveness significantly, causing the hardware industry rebound, especially in the domestic market showing explosive growth, achieving industry-wide high-speed growth of 27%.
In this regard, the the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui that opportunities mainly from the increasing demand of architectural hardware. He said that with the conduct of affordable housing projects in China, more and more areas in the country have begun to enter the height of decoration, architectural hardware needs to pick up, in large part to stimulate the development of China's architectural hardware products.
National agricultural policy introduced, also coincided with the 12th Five-Year "type of housing construction plan, the rural market has tremendous opportunities, hardware tools industry, many enterprises, it should create a suitable product for them. Meanwhile, with the further deepening of the benefits of agricultural policies, rural infrastructure projects will further develop. Road construction, civil construction will bring a larger consumer market supporting hardware, the hardware industry can learn from the marketing of the home appliance industry, home appliances to the countryside to open up new consumer markets.
At the same time, with house prices rising all the way, the house has long been a "luxury" in the eyes of most people, and for buyers, how to dress decoration on the people envy the "luxury" is even more a pieces of extremely should not be underestimated, as people's living standards improve, the quality of people's lives also climb up all the way, product selection, quality is still large, especially for doors and windows, sanitary ware, lamps and other long-period items, "I would rather you do not abuse, hardware enterprises should strictly to good quality over the hurdle.
In recent years, the state vigorously implement energy-saving emission reduction policies, regardless of price regulation or publicity and guidance, the concept of "green energy" is gaining in popularity, for example, household water large - bathroom products, has become the most important issue of water-saving, more and more consumers are more willing to choose energy-saving bathroom hardware products. For hardware companies fall behind, strengthening technological innovation, diversification is the key.
Household hardware settings can be divided into general and special two categories, the former including hinges, hinge rail, the latter including bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Hinges, slides, hinges and locks in life the most frequently used, and thus all the more important.
In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, hardware accessories greater demand and higher requirements. Take the furniture industry, the quality and grade of the furniture is mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. Furniture inconvenient to use, in large part because of furniture hardware accessories improper selection or lack of cause. As long as there is a corresponding hardware accessories, very complex and functional furniture can be produced, the value of the hardware accessories furniture accounted for 5%, but accounted for 85% of running comfort.
Hardware accessories can be seen in the importance of furniture.
Actively develop and promote resource conservation, substitution and recycling technology to accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises energy saving, high energy consumption, heavy pollution, the technology behind the process and product implementation of compulsory retirement system, the implementation of conducive to resource conservation prices and fiscal policy. In metallurgy, building materials, chemical, electric power and other key industries as well as industrial parks and a number of cities to carry out the circular economy pilot, improve laws and regulations, and to explore the development of circular economy mode. Raised awareness, and to encourage the production and use of energy and water saving products, energy saving and environmentally friendly cars, the development of land-efficient construction, the formation of a healthy and civilized, conserve resources consumption patterns.